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  Metallic Seal Mud Valve Detailed parameter  
Metallic Seal Mud Valve
The valves are mainly used in the drilling mud manifold and the high pressure pipelines of the petrochemical industry and other industry. Design complies with the requirements of API SPEC 6A and other relevant specification. Between the gate and seat adopts metal seal as required.
Structural Features:
1.  The gate valve uses a "floating" slab gate (not a wedge gate). The free float of the metallic gate between metallic seats, with the aid of sealing compound and a medium, effects sealing of this valve.
2.  Bolts joint the bonnet and body. A bonnet gasket serves as their seals, simplifying the   structure and ensuring sealing properties.
3.  This gate valve uses a non-rising stem design. The hand wheel is clearly marked with the arrows indicating the directions of hand wheel rotation to open or close the valve.
4.  The stem packing uses lip rings made of rubber plastics, which not only ensures sealing properties but also minimizes the operation torque so as to make it easy to open and close tile valve.
5.  The use of carbide alloy overlays on surfaces of the gate and seat enables them to have good worn and corrosion resistance. The stem is made of a special stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance. The other parts use the method of hardness restriction. Therefore, this valve can be used in H2S service.
6.  The ale mite fitting on the bearing cap is specially provided for bearing lubrication, facilitating pumping lubricating grease in the field.
Technical Parameters for metallic seal mud valve:
  • Working pressure: 2000PSI、3000PSI、5000PSI、10000PSI
  • Nominal bore: 2″~4″
  • Working medium: mud, oil, water
  • End connection type: flange, inner-thread, union and weld
  • Warning:
    The gate effects sealing by floating between seats, so it shall be allowed to move freely, which means the hand wheel shall be backed off 1/4~1/2 turn after the hand wheel rotation can go no further.


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