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  Z23X-35 Series of Mud Valve Detailed parameter  
Z23X-35 Series of Mud Valve
Z23X-35Series of mud valve is mainly used for drilling mud circulating system in oil field. It is used to control the flowing and stopping of mud. It is joined by trapezoid thread connection. It is quick and convenient to fix the equipment. The equipment has strong rigidity is safe and reliable. Valve seat and flashboard are sealed by means of parallel-type elastic seal. The effection of sealing is good. It is convenient to open, the two ends of the valve and pipes are joined and staled with spherical movement. The movable connection of the rubber seal ring like “O” is not of high requirement about straightness of the two ends of pipes. When is fitted and its seal performance is very good.
The Main Technical Parameters:
  • Working Pressure: 5000 psi
  • Nominal Size: 2″、2 -1/2″、3″、4″
  • Working Temperature: -29℃~121℃(P.U)
  • Working Medium: Mud, Oil, Water, etc.
  • Connection Type: Union
  • Note:
  • Under pressure, the valve is forbidden to be semi-shrouded, for it will do great harm to the gate valve and great reduce the service life of the valve.
  • Floating gate design requests the hand wheel to be backed off 1/4 turn after its rotation can go no further.


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