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  ZJGH-35S DRILLING MUD MANIFOLD Detailed parameter  
ZJGH-35S drilling mud manifold consists of the Z23Y-35/100 & Z23Y-35/50 mud valve, high pressure spherical union, high pressure core union, tee, high pressure hose, elbow, pressure gauge, and pup joint etc.
Ground valve-group adopts gooseneck type tee with compact structure, little fluid resistance and large power effectuality. Adaptor spool adopted on rigid valve-group can be directly used as single pipe on site.
The high pressure unions are made from high-strength alloy steels and heat treated, featuring tight make-up and easy break-out. The special machine tool is used for the manufacture of the unions. The fine machined sphere and core work together with O-rings to provide sealing.
The sealing surfaces of both the gate and seat of the Z23Y-35 mud valve are built up using hard alloy overlays for erosion and corrosion resistance, which prolongs the mud valve’s service life, reduces the operating torques and makes the operation easy.
With the walls thickened as applicable and heat treated, the elbow, reducing pipe, tee and cross are made from high strength alloy steels and can fully meet the strength and corrosion requirements.
In order to ensure the product quality, the parts that require high precision are manufactured using special technology and all pressure-containing parts are hydrostatically tested prior to assembly.
Operating Instructions
1. Clean and grease both the sealing face and sealing groove of unions and clean the inside of the line pipe.
2. Check whether all connecting positions are fastened.
3. If leak around sealing position, the seal should be replaced immediately;
4. Keep the outer surface of the manifold clean and paint it against rust regularly.
   ZJ70-GH Rigid Valve-group                                                    ZJ35-GH Ground Valve-group
Technical Parameters for Drilling Mud Manifold
  • Connecting type:Union, thread, weld and flange
  • Rated working pressure:2000PSI、3000PSI、5000PSI
  • Nominal bore:2″, 3″, 4″& 5″
  • Working Temperature: -29 ℃ ~ 121 ℃  (P.U)
  • Working Medium: Oil、Natural gas、Mud
  • Note:
    The Z23Y-35 metal seated mud gate valve is only used as a shutoff valve and cann’t be used as a choke valve, otherwise the sealing surface will be damaged.


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