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The function of throttling manifold
1, through the throttling effect of throttle valve pressure control implementation of wells and the fluid outflow wellhead, control the wellhead back pressure (vertical pressure and casing pressure), maintain the bottomhole pressure than the formation pressure, and remain unchanged, stop the overflow.
2, through the pressure relief valve, reduce wellhead pressure, to achieve the "soft shut off".
3, through the blowout valve discharge amount, the overflow will lead well, prevent fire and poisoning well, ensure the safety of drilling.
Two, the function of the pressure pipe:
1 when the full sealing gate is used to seal the wellhead, the mud is poured into the wellbore and the well killing operation is carried out.
2 when the blowout occurred, the water into the wellbore, in case of fire.
3 when the blowout has been on fire, the injection of fire extinguishing agent into the wellbore can help to extinguish the fire.
Three, liquid control throttle manifold and liquid control box
Summary: the hydraulic control box panel is equipped with vertical pressure gauge, pressure gauge, valve opening degree table, oil pressure gauge, barometer, three - way four - way valve, speed control valve, such as the 5 table 2 valve
1 vertical pressure gauge: show the vertical pressure.
2 sets of pressure gauge: show off the casing pressure.
3 valve opening degree table: display hydraulic throttle valve opening degree.

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