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Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. Yancheng benefit has a strong ability to research and development of petroleum machinery, with the domestic counterparts of the more advanced gas seal test device, the company always adhere to the "production of a generation, the development of generation, the development of generation, reserve generation" of new product development strategy, has the development of a number of new products, and the national patented technology.
The Company vigorously implement the technological innovation and technology development strategy of "key technologies products with independent intellectual property rights" and constantly enhance the core competitiveness. We train a group of experienced technology development team and have a strong R & D strength of machinery and equipment.
The company has a sound detection means of measurement, non-destructive testing equipment, universal tensile testing machine and advanced test equipments. In accordance with the ISO9001 standards, the United States national industry laws, regulations about production, we ensure that the technical system be going with international practice.

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